Middle School (Rm 202)

Tweens and early teenagers are figuring out who they are as they search for whose they are. Using “re:Form” curriculum, youth will tackle questions about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus, other beliefs, and hot topics. In each session, youth gather to watch a hilarious video, tap their creativity for activities that involve doodling, constructing, and journaling, and then share thoughts and ideas about the session's question.

High School (Youth Room)

Some older teens are looking to deepen and widen their faith while others are wrestling with how their worldview fits (or doesn’t fit) with Christian faith. Using “NOOMA” curriculum, high school youth will be invited to explore our world from a perspective of Jesus Christ. Each week, videos narrated by Rob Bell will invite youth to search, question, and join the conversation as the life and ministry of Jesus Christ is placed in a modern context.

College Youth

We always support our college students even though they may be temporarily far away from us.   They continually remain in our prayers and thoughts.

And, we are proud to support the Presbyterian Student Center at the University of Georgia.  Feel free to visit that ministry remotely here.