Wednesday Morning Bible Study

We are ready to get back into our Wednesday morning study and will begin on January 25th at 10:30 and will end at noon. Our study for the spring will be Romans, Part I by N. T. Wright (chapters 1-8). We will continue with Romans Part 2 in the fall. Writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Tom Wright helps us see the great sweep of Romans which has long been viewed as the book above all in which Paul puts forth the basic doctrines of the faith and the picture of God's life for us. He breaks down Romans into short passages that are followed by a highly readable discussion with background information, useful explanations and suggestions and thoughts as to how the text can be relevant to our lives today.

Below are the links where you can order the 2 books we will be using. The first one includes all of the readings from the Bible along with the author’s commentary. The second one includes individual study and questions for us to ponder before class each week.

This will be another great study and we’d love to include you. If you have questions, please contact Lorene Malanowski, Donna Baddour, Lori Hume, or Tom Potter.


No Regrets Class Ends

The No Regrets series from our Life Lessons Sunday School class completed a wrap-up and we thought the ideas from that class might be interesting to others.

Major Take always

  • Make sure you have DNR (do not resuscitate) orders with you.  You never know where you will be when you need them
  •  Have family discussions in a time of calm - understand that there will be questions and issues concerning this emotional topic. (A time of crisis is not the time to first broach the issue)
  • Develop a notebook to let family know where everything of importance is located (Wills, Power of Attorney, passwords, financial information, etc.)
  • Write down your wishes
  • Make sure everyone/businesses that needs certain documentation have that documentation in their files (hospitals, doctors, retirement homes, family)
  • If both current owners are gone make sure someone can access the accounts/boxes by knowing where the key is located. Get an additional signature for safety deposit boxes and bank accounts.
  • Check beneficiaries on all documentations.  If possible add contingent beneficiaries.
  • Check out Bab's notebook . The Everything Binder
  • Hospice
    • A doctor must sign that they believe the patient has 6 months left to live before someone can enter hospice care
    • They provide positive help to the next step
    • Hospice can serve a patient can stay at home, a nursing facility or hospital
    • Hospice is there to make the patient and family more comfortable not physically better
  • If you are executor on someone else's will, know your duties and talk to them while they are healthy

Major Obstacles to completing your No Regrets Tasks

  • Thinking you will live forever
  • Procrastinating by just putting it off
  • These are not comfortable decisions to make
  • Not easy conversations to have with loved ones
  • If you want to add someone to the signature card for your safe deposit box, everyone on the current card must go to the bank and sign an new agreement
  • Money is involved (new wills, financial advise, etc.)
  • Hassle effect - getting everyone together to do all of this is tough
  • It can be hard to find and acceptable quiet place to hold a family meeting
  • Some family and friends just don't want to talk about it and therefore it is difficult to have the conversations
  • Social cues from others can lead you to want to stop working on your No Regrets task list
  • There is a concern that salespersons will bother you significantly if you start working on your No Regrets lists

Ways the Church/friends can help

  • Ask someone to help you be accountable - No Regrets coach
  • Know that completing the No Regrets tasks it is a huge gift to your family
  • Offer babysitting for the small children while No Regrets conversations are taking place
  • Offer a quiet meeting place to have No Regrets conversations
  • Do this class again
  • Have a spin-off class(s) on Wednesday night
  • Read the book, It is "OK to Die" - offer copies
  • Paper work available from panel members


Family Life Sunday School Class

We’d love to have you join us as we look into living a “hands-free” life.  We're discussing and learning simple strategies to let go of meaningless distractions and engage in meaningful soul-to-soul connections.  We’re discovering how to have balance in our media-saturated world.  We're focusing on being able to have better relationships through the gift of our undivided attention.  The goal is to live a present, authentic, and intentional life despite a world full of distractions.  Please consider joining us.